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On a mission to address race & gender equality in radio & podcasting.

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The mission of Sound Women SW is to carry on the legacy of the national organisation, Sound Women founded by Maria Williams to address the lack of gender and racial diversity in the media, radio and audio industries, to provide a safe space for women and girls of all ages to learn. Our key mission is to empower and create confidence and addressing some of the many barriers that we, the founders have faced. In the last 3 years we have taught over 1000 participants in a variety of radio, media and podcasting skills.  Sound Women is about giving a voice to the voiceless and reaching out to marginalised groups particularly from the BAME communities providing a safe space for women to learn and thrive as well as providing training for the private and third sector.  


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  • Published On: September 19th, 2022
  • Published On: July 26th, 2022

    Anna Williamson joins Sound Women SW in this exciting and […]

“I attended Miranda’s Podcast workshops and it was absolutely great. I am a visual learner and pick up by asking questions but also through doing this online workshop, it offered all that and more. It also allowed the thought of starting my own podcast to not be so daunting. Miranda offered so many resources and advice on equipment that will not break the bank. Recently me and my friend started our Podcast and we are now on the 5th Episode and really enjoying having something outside of work to focus on.

I recommend anyone going on the course, even if you just wanted to find out how it all works.”

Alisha Airey, University of the West of England

“Gave me new skill, resulted in me joining Ujima Radio.  Before the workshop I didn’t have the confidence to speak in public. I have made a group of friends I will have for the rest of my life” 

Tessa Morgan, Workshop participant

“A vital cultural historic piece of story-telling that pays tribute to the activists that provided a beacon of hope. The Bristol Bus Boycott is an important moment in British history charting its difficult relationship with race relations to social justice. This podcast gives the authentic background, context and impact as told by academics, artists and activists for future generations.”

Roger Griffith, Author of My American Odyssey: From the Windrush to the White House

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